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La Pacha Apapacha presents: Monét Bourdeau

We are so happy to have such a talented artist to draw our website's main picture. Check out more about her, in her own words:

Hi, I live in & grew up in NYC from a Caribbean family, with roots in Haiti and Jamaica. My TropiGyals & other digital artworks reflect the bright colors, lush atmospheres, diversity and vivacious livelihoods of the global tropics and its diasporas; past, present and future. 

The primary focus of my TropiGyals series is exploring modern or contemporary re-interpretations of the often faceless female figures in traditional Afro-Caribbean art, giving personality and life to each individual character, sometimes with repeating faces & forms to create a sense of sisterhood and continuity. 

They are often embellished with everyday elements of nature such as fruits, flowers and cowrie shells, harkening back to ancestral motifs and building bridges between women, traditionally gatherers in ancient times, from various cultures around the globe. 

(In this particular piece, I wanted to use a less stylized approach to represent the sisterhood and unity between modern creative women from various countries and backgrounds).

Monét Bourdeau

We wish her the best of luck and let's keep supporting amazing artists like her!

Instagram (Monét Bourdeau):

La Pacha Apapacha

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